Broadband without wires

About Us

C  TEK Wireless Broadband is a small company of dedicated individuals who believe that everybody should have fast internet access wherever they live.

C TEK Broadband  was created out of the demand for Broadband internet access across Co Waterford and Co Cork  in areas not previously serviced by other providers (ISPs).

We have a team of highly skilled professionals, creating a powerful blend of IT, networking and radio communications skills to deliver reliable solutions to areas not considered “cost-effective” by other suppliers.

C  TEK strives to offer an inexpensive and reliable service to its customers. We will go the extra mile to secure a broadband service for you when others have failed.

C TEK’s  internet service is an innovative and unique option for rural communities that don’t have conventional ADSL broadband or for those communities who have experienced the frustration of using 3G mobile broadband. We offer a real alternative, using our integrated software technology combined with wireless networking. We can provide wireless broadband internet access on an always on basis without the need for a telephone line.