Broadband without wires


Things To Check at home before calling:

Some faults can be caused by electrical spikes or short electricity outages,  these spikes can “crash” the electronics in the antenna unit.  To fix this simply unplug the power to the antenna and plug it back in again, it’s a good idea to do the same to the wireless router as well, this fixes 90% of the faults we are seeing.

Are the Cables plugged in correctly ?

The cable that comes into you house from our antenna usually goes to a small power supply unit first, the power supply unit will have three cables in it, the one from the antenna, the one from the mains or power supply (usually Black) and finally the cable that goes to your computer or wireless router.

It is very important to make sure that the cable from the antenna and the cable next to it don’t get swapped around( the connectors are the same, and if they are both unplugged it is easy to get them wrong)  If you do get them wrong no damage will occur it just wont work.

In short, the cable that comes into the house from our antenna should connect to the port marked “POE”  or “PWR+DATA”

If you have a wireless router it will normally have 5 ports on it, there is usually 4 grouped together and coloured yellow and a single one close to these that is blue, the other cable from the power supply unit should go to the single (blue) port.

Please note: On some routers the Reset button is not a power cycle button and will actually reset the router to it’s factory settings, It will then need reprogramming, This will be a chargeable service call. Please ensure that you know this is not the case before performing such and operation, which should be highlighted in the manual that came with the router.

Email Problems:

If you are having difficulty with sending email, first check that your internet connection is working properly by visiting a reliable web page like in your web browser.If you can still connect to the internet, your problem may be related to your email service or settings and you should contact your email service provider for support or access the help menu on your email application. From experience we know that some Eircom email accounts encounter problems when using the previous settings with our service. To remedy this, please make sure that the outgoing mail server (SMTP) is set to in your email application account settings and the email should send as before.


Speed Related Problems:

In order to avoid an unnecessary call out fee, we require you to do the following tests after which we will decide what action to take to resolve your issue.

For Windows Users;

(1)    Click START-RUN and type CMD and hit enter.

(2)    You should get a black command window opened

(3)    In the command window, type TRACERT  and hit enter.

(4)    Record the results using a screenshot and email to


For Mac users;

(1)    On your local machine, double click the hard drive icon.

(2)    Open the Applications folder

(3)    Open the Utilities folder.

(4)    Open Network Utility.

(5)    Select the Traceroute tab.

(6)    Enter the IP address and click Trace

When you have that done, do the next test below;


(1)    Open internet explorer and go to

(2)    Follow the instructions on the site and complete two tests.

(3)    Record the results using a screenshot and email to

If you do not know how to do a screenshot, follow the steps by clicking the link below



If you have checked all these things and there is not an outage in your area then please call: 021 2429619 to book a service call.

If our engineers are called out and any of the above  fixes the problem you may be charged for the service call.